Atal Urban Rejuvenation Project

The urban areas of India fare quite low on the happiness and satisfaction index. Our cities are chaotic, and often lack coordinated town planning. Atal Urban Rejuvination Project is an attempt to improve the quality of life of India’s urban centres by making them more nature oriented.

Our efforts include ‘color coordinated’ tree plantation drives spanning across all neighborhoods of the city chosen for the drive. Each year a different city would be chosen for a nature inspired makeover, and correspondingly, in 2018 Dehradun’s Mayur Vihar locality was chosen as the pilot project for this attempt.

Atal Indian planned, and implemented a ‘makeover’ for the estates of Mayur Vihar and Aryama Fort. This included plantation of Gulmohar saplings uniformly and landscaping of the public areas including roads and lanes.

Atal Indian plans to associate each colony of Dehradun with its chosen ‘official’ tree. A neighbourhood that choses Jacranda as its official tree, would acquire a blue hue when the tree flowers; while those opting for Gulmohar or Amaltas etc, would acquire shades of orange and yellow respectively.

When viewed from the surrounding hills of Mussoorie or Dhanolti, the Doon valley would appear as a bouquet of various flowers because of its colourful neighbourhoods. This would help recreate Dehradun as a tourism destination in its own right, instead of being a pit-stop. The resultant benefits would include employment generation, and prevent migration of Uttarakhand’s youth to the metropolitan cities in search of jobs.